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Welcome to PetSaleInc's Classified page for all cats classified listings ranging from the ages of few weeks to few months. If you are looking for cats to join your family? PetSaleInc has it all! We have 100 percent purebred cats, mixed breed cats, Hypoallergenic cats and as many kind of cats you could possibly dream of. We have so many classified listing of puppies to choose from, it might give you difficult time to pick just one! We have the best cats breeder joining our website daily to list their cats here. Be sure to read about various cats breed to educate yourself which might help you decide what breed best fits you and your family. Start searching our many listings to find your favorite Pets for sale So what do you have to lose, Sign Up today!

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Seeking white - blue eyed- show-breeder persian kitten, CFA registered, healthy, reputable breeder, good bite, not in a hurry, Dallas, Texas USA. I prefer to pay less, however, will pay $2,000 and ...
Age : Price : $2000
tiny4a McKinney,Texas

I would like to buy a long haired Munchkin or a Napoleon. Prefer older kitten or adult....
Age : Price : $500
champaigne2 Bremerton,Washington

I am wanting to adopt a sphynx. I would give it a loving home with lots of attention and care....
Age : Price : $50
msbabygirl9 Albany,Louisiana

Age : Price : $500
redmymind naples,Florida

Willing to pay $400 Cash for a female bengal kitten. Looking for a brown spotted, rosetted Bengal. Mostly prefer a female kitten but will also take a male. Looking for a kitten with a big personality....
Age : Price : $400
mlsmits45 Chicago,Illinois

We are a family that just moved to Las Vegas, NV (Summerlin) that is in desperate need of a Devon or Cornish Rex for under $700. Please inquire!...
Age : Price : $700
wowmouse Las Vegas,Nevada

I prefer a female but doesn't matter...
Age : Price : $200
dawnyfrances6960 Blaine,Washington

Looking for a pet quality Scottish Fold..lost mine last year :(...
Age : Price : $0
fb_Darlene1031294948 Midland,Texas

Looking for a female brown classic Maine Coon or MC mix kitten. Located in East Texas. Please email
Age : Price : $0
dep915 Palestine,Texas

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